a) Comprehensive Online Driving Program

We use a unique approach to driver education that is highly effective and practical but still
straightforward and easy to digest. That is because all our education materials are
comprehensive, well-structured, and presented in a format that is simple to understand.

b) Maximum Convenience

With our comprehensive online driving program, you will enjoy optimal convenience. You will
complete your driver education online from wherever you are and at your own pace without
being rushed. You will have your certificate delivered to you securely without traveling for it.

c) Direct Access to an Expert Course Trainer

You will be guaranteed expert driving guidance throughout the duration of our online driving
program. Whenever you have any serious enquiries, you can easily access your trainer via email,
a round-the-clock live chat, and a dedicated American Safety Council call center.
d) Legally Approved Driver Education

Our program is legally approved by the state of California after a rigorous verification process.
So you can be confident that after completing our driving program, you will be recognized by the
law as a certified driver.

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