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What is the California Driver Education Course?

The California Driver Education Course is a 30-hour course that is taught in a classroom or taken online. Teens at least 15 1/2 years old must complete the course as part of their requirements to obtain an instruction permit for driving. The course covers the theory of driving on California’s roads. The California DMV regulates the program and licenses schools to offer it.

The topics covered in the course are regulated by the DMV. They include:

  • The Driver’s Responsibility
  • Basic Driving Skills (e.g., Turning, Passing, Signaling)
  • Driving Conditions
  • Driving Techniques (e.g., 2-Second Rule, IPDE)
  • Protecting Yourself While Driving
  • Adult and Child Safety Equipment
  • Impaired Driving
  • Distracted Driving
  • City, Rural, Suburban, Expressway Driving
  • Truck, Motorcycle, and Bicycle Awareness
  • The Psychology and Physiology of Drivers
  • The Science of Driving (e.g., Kinetic Energy, Friction)

About CA Drivers Ed

Teens must also complete a companion behind-the-wheel (BTW) driver training program that provides real-time practice at driving a vehicle.

Our DMV-licensed California Driver Education course is perfect for teens who want to get their instruction permit and qualify for their driver license. you’ll enjoy a convenient and affordable driver’s ed program. Instead of going to a classroom for hours on weekends, you can learn how to drive 100% online, and on your own schedule. Study whenever you want to–you have 24/7 access to your course!

This California Driver Education course is comprehensive and contains all of the latest California driving laws. You’ll feel completely prepared to get behind the wheel, and you’ll have a good time while you’re learning–our course is packed with games, videos, animations, and so much more! We even offer online practice permit tests to help ensure that you pass your written permit test at the DMV!

One of the best parts of taking an online California driver education course is the independence it provides. However, you’re not on your own. If you ever have questions about your course or how to get your instruction permit and driver license, just give us a call. You can also email us or write to us on Facebook! Our friendly Customer Care team is here to help you out!

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A Quick Guide to Getting a Driver License in California

Step 1: Take a CA Driver Education Course

If you are between the ages of 15 1/2 and 17 1/2, you must complete a 30-hour DMV-licensed driver education course and receive a Certificate of Completion in order to apply for your instruction permit.

Step 2: Apply for an Instruction Permit

You must take a written exam in order to get your California instruction permit. Luckily, we offer online practice permit tests to help you prepare! Once you are ready to take the exam, schedule an appointment at your local DMV. You can apply for your instruction permit while you are at the DMV. In addition to passing the permit test, you will need to pass a vision exam, have your photo taken, give your thumb print, and pay the application fee. You can find a list of the documents you will need to bring to the DMV on this page.

Step 3: Practice Driving

When you have your permit, you’re able to get behind the wheel to practice driving under supervision! However, it’s important to note that your instruction permit is not valid until after you have had 1 hour of behind-the-wheel instruction with a licensed instructor. While you have your permit, you are required to have a parent, guardian, spouse, or other adult 25 years of age or older, who holds a valid California driver license, with you in the vehicle at all times when you practice driving. He or she must sit in a position close enough to take control of the vehicle, if necessary.

You must practice driving for at least 6 months before you take the driving test in order to get your driver license before you turn 18. You must also complete the following:

  • 6 hours of driver training with a professional driving school*, and
  • 50 hours (10 at night) of driving practice with a parent, guardian, or other adult 25 years or older. The adult must have a valid California driver license and certify 50 hours of practice driving. See the Parent-Teen Training Guide.

*If you live in Riverside County, you can take your 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training with Corona Driving School.  to see service locations, pricing, and to book your driving lessons.

Step 4: Apply for Your California Driver License

After you turn 16, have held your instruction permit for 6 months, and met the other requirements mentioned in this section, you can apply for your driver license. You will need to schedule and pass a driving test at the DMV. You must bring proof of insurance for the vehicle you will be using for the driving test as well as proof of your birth date and legal presence in the United States. Several documents can be used to verify your birth date and legal presence in the United States. The most commonly used is your Birth Certificate. Click here to see a complete list of accepted documents.

Once you pass your driving test, you will receive your California driver license. Congratulations!

What is the Difference Between Driver Education and Driver Training

Driver education is theory and driver training is practice. Theory and practice. Driver education involves learning the techniques of driving safely by participating in learning activities such as simulations, videos, animations, and even game-playing. Driver training is “on-the-job” training where you actually drive a vehicle under the guidance of a driver training instructor. A teen must first complete driver education to obtain a permit to drive. A permit is required to begin driver training.