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The first step to getting your drivers licence is to first be prepared by knowing all the rules of the road and completely understanding and confident about driving behind the wheel.

The Next step is to schedule your behind the wheel drivers test at the DMV, usually the one closest to you. you can do that by clicking here.  or just click the DMV logo to the below –>


  • Check your permit for errors while still at the DMV.
  • If your name, birth-date or address is not correct, let the DMV employee know immediately.
  • Be sure to bring your passport and original birth certificate (the official birth certificate is issued by the registrar of the county/city in which you were born, not the hospital!) If you were born in Los Angeles County, you may obtain a copy of your birth certificate by contacting the County Registrar’s office at (800) 201-8999. Ask for the ‘long’ copy.
  • If the DMV employee has any problem with your paperwork, before you leave the DMV, call us! We are open whenever they are, and can be reached at 3106288777. The test is tough, study the CA Handbook and it will be easy for you. Do Not take the test lightly!
  • There are 46 questions on the DMV test, and you must wait a week to try again if you miss more than eight.
  • Read every question completely

Drivers Education Rates

1 Hours + DMV…………………………$300.00

2 Hours + DMV…………………………$400.00

After you have completed scheduling your DMV Road Test appointment with the DMV you can give us a call at (310) 628-8777 to get put on the schedule immediately . The operator will then inform you of our pricing which is $125.00 for a DMV Road test( local DMV’s only, we do all DMV’s in Riverside County, please call for pricing for DMV’s 25 miles and over )
This includes an hour of driving before the test going over last minute details of what you can expect, we have a great pass rate for all of the drivers that have trained with us so please schedule some training on the DMV test if you are unsure about your skills, we can set you up with a package deal that includes 2-4 hours of training as well as the DMV car usage. ( As a matter of fact we can take you on a mock test and tell you if you will pass or not, based on the instructors assessment )

Driving Test Driving School

How to get a driver’s license with the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV):
  • Visit your local CA DMV Office
  • Complete a Driver License or
  • Identification Card Application (Form DL 44)
  • Provide proof of your identity
  • Pay the $33 driver’s license fee
  • Pass the written test
  • Do 6 hours at least of Behind the wheel training ( wait 6 months under 18 )
  • Schedule your behind the wheel road test at your local DMV
  • Pass the road test​
DMV Car Rental Service


We offer our DMV Drive Test Service to all students. We pick you up from home and let you drive to the DMV and we get you acquainted with the safety features, the operations of the vehicle and what to expect on the DMV test. We use our vehicle and insurance for the drive test and later, drop you off at home.