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This class is geared towards truck drivers who normally have to do this for a living. A truck would carry important cargo from one location to another that many times could be hundreds and hundreds of miles away.  Because of this the education process to attain a class A licence is very different from that of a basic class C.

4 Basic Steps To Getting A Commercial Driver’s License

The requirements to get a CDL are slightly different from each state, but these 4 steps serve as a basic guideline on what to expect.  For more on the specific steps, just click on a state name above.


For starters, you should review the CDL Requirements section of the manual to determine if you will qualify for a Commercial Driver’s License. Some of these requirements include a minimum age requirement and CDL physical requirements.  Meeting these requirements will make sure things go smoothly throughout the entire process of applying for and obtaining a CDL.


Much like getting a regular driver’s license, a permit is required to move forward with the steps of obtaining a CDL.  You can get a Class A CDL permit by passing series of written exams. In most states, the written tests to get a Class A CDL permit include: General Knowledge, Air Brakes and Combination vehicles.  A Commercial Driver’s License handbook or manual can be found at the testing site in each state or online.


Depending on the CDL endorsement you want to obtain, you need to pass the written CDL endorsement test.  However, some endorsements, such as the Hazardeous Materials (HazMat) endorsement may also require a background check before they can be added to your CDL license. Consult the CDL endorsements section of the manual for additional information.


A CDL driving test must be passed in which the driver completes a 3-part exam that includes a pre-trip inspection test, basic control skills test, and driving test at either a state CDL test site or approved 3rd party test site in the testing state.  Once the skills test has been passed, a driver can be issued an actual CDL license from his/her state.

Class C Drivers

Class C drivers are drivers that are going to be driving a car or Van that is 26 feet and under. To pass this test all you would need is to do is complete drivers education and pass your written exam. After that you will need to complete at least 6 hrs behind the wheel with a drivers instructor before you take your behind the wheel exam.

Class A & B Drivers

Class A drivers are dealing with commercial 18 wheel trucks and Class B drivers are going to be driving Buss’s transporting passengers. This licensing process is usually job related so the schooling is more intense and there is a physical exam required click here for further details




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